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Aylesbury Ducks
Muscovy Ducks
Pekin Ducks
Rouen Ducks
Buff Ducks
Cayuga Ducks
Crested Ducks
Swedish Ducks
Magpie Ducks
Runner Ducks
Australian Spot Ducks
East Indie Ducks
Call Ducks
Mandarin Ducks
African Geese
Embden Geese
Toulouse Geese
American Buff Geese
Pomeranian Geese
Sebastopol Geese
Roman Geese
Chinese Geese
Egyptian Geese
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Western National

Nebraska State Poultry Show

Lincoln, NE

Nov 1-2

Eastern National

Eastern Ohio Poultry Association

Tallmadge, OH

September 20-21

Canadian National